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SampleMidterm.pdf - EE 109 Fall 2013 Last name Midterm#1...

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EE 109 - Fall 2013 Last name: Midterm #1 First name: Signature: Midterm is one hour, ten minutes long, closed book, closed notes, no calculators. To receive full credit on a question show all your work. Incorrect answers may receive partial credit only if the work is shown. The exam must be turned in to the instructor before he leaves the classroom at the end of the exam period. 1. (9 points) Microcontroller Registers Three registers are associated with each of the general purpose I/O ports of the ATmega328 microcon- troller on the Arduino Uno. List these registers and describe their purpose. a. b. c. 2. (9 points) Binary Representations Find the decimal equivalent of the following bit patterns in the given binary representation system: a. System: 2’s complement Bits: 10011011 b. System: Unsigned Bits: 01100111 c. System: 2’s complement Bits: 01100111 1
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EE 109 - Fall 2014 Last name: 12:30 TTh First name: Midterm Exam
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