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NR505 Week 1 TD Feedback.docx

NR505 Week 1 TD Feedback.docx - Grading Grid for Threaded...

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Grading Grid for Threaded Discussions: Week 1 Scholarliness: Great job on your discussion this week! You successfully demonstrated scholarly inquiry with your choice of references and topics. Possible Points: 16 Points Given: 16 Application of Course Knowledge: Great job demonstrating the ability to analyze and apply principles, knowledge and information learned in the course lesson and outside readings and then relate them to real-life professional situations. Possible Points: 16 Points Given: 16 Interactive Dialogue: Great job keeping your discussion on topic and meeting the word requirements for posting the initial response as well as your peer response. Possible Points: 10 Points Given: 10 Grammar, Syntax and APA: Great job in your posts this week with demonstrating proper grammar, syntax, and APA style of writing. Possible Points: 8 Points Given: 8 Participation Requirements: You met the full participation points in the threaded discussion this week.
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