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Quiz 1 1. In the CTVA Option program uses a metric for assessing the success of student projects. What is that matric? It is the same assessment an audience uses to decide whether they like a film or not. A. The story is believable, credible B. The story and characters, the audiences care about C. The story is memorable 2. At the beginning of the semester we suggested that the most important goal to achieve in making a film is about: How endures the audience 3. What are two primary objectives in successfully producing a film? A. To entertain the audiences B. On budget 4. In the dramatic structure of story/screenplay what is the name given for the person reaching for a goal? Protagonist 5. What is the name given to the person (or thing) creating the principle conflict or obstacle in a drama? Antagonist 6. Which of the following decisions is NOT in the purview of a Writer of the 355 class project? A. Helping choosing genre and plot type. B. Selecting the proper script format. C. Determining the plot type
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