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Assessing Arguments-Rafael Navarro .docx - Peter Singer...

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Peter Singer, published this article March 16, 2002, on a popular European digital news website called the "The Guardian." The article defends the following thesis. Children who are suffering profound disabilities, should not be denied any treatment (Once reviewed by an ethics committee) that will provide them a better quality of life. In my opinion, Singer uses the Rogerian method very effectively to make his argument. In doing so, Singer starts the article with Ashely’s parent's decision to tell the world about the controversial treatment they were using on their child. Ashley's parents decided to go ahead with these medical procedures because they wanted to keep Ashley from developing breasts and becoming difficult to move due to her weight. After Singer establishes the controversial topic, he then addresses the objections made publically. Some stated that the medical procedures were, "Unnatural," A violation of Ashely's
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