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chem pre lab 4.docx - Pre-lab Synthesis of Alum from Scrap...

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Pre-lab: Synthesis of Alum from Scrap Aluminum 1. Obtain aluminum scrap and cut into thin pieces. Weigh the strips, place in beaker, add KOH. 2. Set beaker on hot plate on medium, dissolve aluminum. 3. Stir frequently, add water if necessary. Do not bubble uncontrollably, and keep under fume hood. 4. After metal dissolves, filter the solution and collect filtrate. 5. Acidify the solution with H 2 SO 4. 6. If white lumps remain, heat and stir until mixture becomes clear. 7. Cool in ice bath, and stir to start crystal formation if necessary. 8. Make a filter flask and make a vacuum seal. Filter solution. 9. Wash beaker with ethanol and water, and pour over funnel.
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