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Chem Lab 111113 9/14/2016 How Dense is an Egg? Objectve: - Determine the densiTes of eggs with varying degrees of freshness. Learn how to use a balance and 4 types of volumetric glassware. InTroducton: - An egg’s ability to Foat in saltwater has to do with its degree of freshness - If in an egg just Foats in a salt soluTon, the soluTon has the same density as the egg o Density is a characterisTc property of ma±er that can be used to idenTfy a substance De²ned as mass per unit volume or g/mL - A solid will sink in a liquid that’s denser, will Foat if the liquid is less dense, will just Foat if the liquid has the same density ±he ExperimenT What is the density of an egg? 1. Prepare a salt soluTon where an egg just Foats a. Obtain the mass and volume measurements of said soluTon i. Use a balance for mass (m), and mulTple devices for volume (v) b. Calculate the density of the soluTon (and egg) using m & v measurements c. Compare the density of a new egg to an old one. 2. Measurements: Learn how to measure m and v using equipment a. QuanTtaTve operaTons: i. PrioriTze precision: how close 2+ measurements, of the same quanTty, agree with each other 1. Random errors (unpredictable variaTons) are shown in the precision of data 2. ³o evaluate precision, repeat experiment several Tmes, with varying amounts of substances, while performing other operaTons the same, then check reproducibility of said experiment ii. PrioriTze accuracy: how much a measurement agrees with a known value 1. SystemaTc errors, typically from poor equipment or technique, causes inaccurate data iii. Precision is not the same as accuracy 3. Measuring devices are imperfect and uncertain
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4. SigniFcant Fgures are needed ²or properly reporTng data
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