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The Tree of Life 1. Evolution (the process) a. Phylogeny (pattern reflecting process) b. Taxonomy (classification of pattern) c. Nomenclature (rules for naming) 2. Evolution of Life a. Phyletic evolution change in the phenotype of a population/species b. Speciation the production of a new species, either through the gradual transformation or the splitting/branching/divergence of an existing species into two or more species c. Extinction the loss of a species due to the deaths of its members 3. Two ways species can form a. Anagenesis gradualism b. Cladogenesis one species producing two new species i. one is more linear and the other is branching How do we compile data and what is our unit of comparison? What is a species? 1. Biological 2. Recognition 3. Ecological 4. Evolutionary 5. Morphological Ernst Mayr most important biologist of 20 th century Systematics and the Origin of Species 1. Evolutionary biologist 2. “Darwin of the 20 th century 3. biological species concept a. he is synchronic – thinking of things happening today Biological Species Concept - species are groups of interbreeding natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groups o Erns Mayr Mendelian population a group of organisms such that each member is more likely to mate with another than with an outsider Gene pool the combined genes of a Mendelian population from which are drawn the genotypes of individual population members Deme smallest Mendelian population, one that is not divisible into smaller populations
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Recognition Species Concept - Individuals identify members of their species for purposes of mating (avoidance of mating with non-members) - Emphasis on ‘selective mating’ -
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