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Pre Lab Outline: 1) Use buret to dispense copper chloride solution into beaker. Record data. 2) Obtain zinc metal strip, and clean with HCl surface until surface becomes shinier 3) Slide zinc into solution. 4) Stir the solution, so the solid copper forming does not stick to the zinc. 5) Once the blue color disappears, add HCl and stir. 6) Remove Zn remaining. Scrape off remaining Cu, dry the remaining Zn, and record its mass. 7) Discard Zn. Decant the supernatant liquid from the solid Cu, without losing any of the metal. 8) Discard the supernatant, rinse beaker, and discard rinse water. 9) Remove white zinc chloride from the Cu. Stir mixture and decant the wash water from the Cu to another beaker. Repeat. 10) Discard the wash, rinse the beaker, and discard the rinse water—all down the sink. 11) Heat up watchglass with heat plate, and then move it with ceramic centered wire gauze.
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