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ENG-106 Proposal Essay Assignment.docx - 1 Sabrina Mireles...

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Sabrina Mireles ENG-106 August 14, 2017 Professor Amy Sloan Organ Trade 1
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References Columb, S. (2017). Disqualified Bodies: A Sociolegal Analysis of the Organ Trade. Law & Society Review, 51(2), 282-312 Satoki Sakai, a., & Yasushi Harada, a. (2001). Sink-Limitation and the Size-Number Trade-Off of Organs: Production of Organs Using a Fixed Amount of Reserves. Evolution , (3), 467. The Complexities of Victimhood: Insights from the Organ Trade. (2015). Somatechnics, (1), 32. doi:10.3366/soma.2015.0146
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