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Pre-Lab #14 Caution: Compounds with chromium (VI) are toxic carcinogens. Wash hands thoroughly, and do not pour down sink. Purpose: Study the kinetics of a certain reaction and determine its reaction order and the rate constant 1. Use Logger pro, from experiment section, chose data collection. Them choose mode, then time- based. Change the length to 420 seconds and sample rate to 0.1 samples/second. Click done 2. Click on configure spectrometer. Click on absorbance vs. time. Find number closest to 440 nm. 3. Place the square root symbol next to this wavelength. Choose single nm band, then click OK. 4. Choose experiment, choose calibrate by spectrometer: 1. Wait 90 seconds. Fill clean cuvet with deionize water and place in SpectroVis Plus. Click finish calibration once warm up completes.
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