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Pre-Lab # 13 Wear safety glasses at all times Caution: Cyclohexane is a flammable solvent Warning: Dispose of cyclohexane, unknown solution, and acetone into Lab Byproducts Jar 1. Acquire temperature probe and record channel number 2. Wipe probe with paper towel to dry, assemble apparatus 3. Obtain a clean and dry test tube 4. Insert stopper with probe a wire stirrer into tube; stopper cannot past halfway point in tube 5. Insert probe as far as possible, but do not touch sides of tube 6. Dispense cyclohexane into test tube, and calculate its mass 7. Put the stopper, probe, and wire stirrer back in tube, then put tube in test rack; ensure stir can move freely, and that the probe is in the center of the liquid 8. Fill largest beaker with 1/3 water, and add ice until 3/4 full 9. When collecting data, move test tube into ice bath; make sure liquid level of test tube is below level in bath 10. Immediately begin stirring continuously and at a constant rate until mass is solidified 11.
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