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FirstPrograme.java - import java.util.Scanner public class...

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import java.util.Scanner; public class FirstPrograme{ public static void main(String []args){ int[][]inStock =new int[10][4]; int[]alpha =new int[20]; int[]beta =new int[20]; int[]gama ={11,13,15,17}; int[]delta ={3,5,2,6,10,9,7,11,1,8}; inputArray(alpha);//calling method inputArray System.out.println(); System.out.println(); //print aipha array details System.out.println("displaying the alpha array "); System.out.println("--------------------------- "); for(int i=0; i<alpha.length;i++){ System.out.printf("%d",alpha[i]); System.out.print(" "); } doubleArray(beta,alpha);//calling method doubleArray System.out.println(); System.out.println(); //print beta Array details System.out.println("displaying the beta array "); System.out.println("---------------------------"); for(int j=0; j<beta.length;j++){ System.out.printf("%d",beta[j]); System.out.print(" "); } copyGamma(gama,inStock);//calling method copyGamma System.out.println(); System.out.println(); //print inStock array details after calling copyGamma() method System.out.println("displaying the inStock"+" array after calling copyGamma() method "); System.out.println("-----------------------"+"---------------------------------- ---- "); for(int row=0; row<inStock.length;row++){ for(int col=0; col<inStock[row].length;col++){ System.out.printf("%6d",inStock[row][col]);
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