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Unit 1 - Narrative Essay Assn. Sheet.pdf

Unit 1 - Narrative Essay Assn. Sheet.pdf - NARRATIVE ESSAY...

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NARRATIVE ESSAY ASSIGNMENT SHEET WHAT IS A REFLECTIVE ESSAY? Reflective writing asks you to relate a past experiences and, as a result, gain new insights into your life. In the case of your Personal Narrative essay, your responsibility as a writer is to relate to me and your peers a particular experience that made a difference in your life. AT A GLANCE: This essay should include: A story arc for you, the main character that responds to the given theme Include multiple characters Detailed descriptions and vivid imagery Be approximately 1000 words 12 Times New Roman font MLA format for headings, style, & page numbers Use an open-form prose style Submit to turnitin.com ASSIGNMENT Your first assignment this semester is to write a narrative essay focusing on a significant experience. Each semester I change the type of experience to focus on. In this case, we will be focusing on some failure that has hindered us in life, and that we may or may not have managed to overcome. Everyone, myself included, fails at something and those tend to be the things we
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