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1) Triplicate analysis is important to minimize error and reduce uncertainties. Errors in selection, sampling, selection, measurement, recording, and communication can skew results. Next, a second set of values provides comparison metrics to verify the previous number set. If there are any discrepancies, it is not known whether the first or the second data set is the faulty one. Therefore, it is necessary to use the data set from a third set of values to compare with the previous data sets and help distinguish the unknowns. Triplicate Analysis is useful to generate a quality analysis when the ability to generate future data sets is limited. 2) Multiple-fan networks are used to control air flow in underground mines. In the case of some copper mines, computer software is used to solve ventilation system problems. 1 Inlet fans deliver fresh clean air into the mine while exhaust fans transport outside air into mines to dilute hazardous gases. Air locks enable mines to use differentiating pressure controls and tighter air spaces allow air to speed up and become more powerful.
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