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1. The particle size range of the Microtrac S3500 instrument used in Dynamic Laser Light Scattering is 0.3 nanometers to 10 microns. 1 2. The mean and standard deviation is not appropriate for particle size distributions because the data distribution is skewed toward larger sizes. This contributes to a wide distribution that is associated with a very large standard deviation. In addition, the mean is not representative of the data when the data is skewed to one side. As in the study of analyzing particle size distribution in the sedimentation method enhanced by electrical-potential, the reliability of the converged solution increases as iterations increase. 2 Therefore, the standard deviation is not a reliable measure of the data distribution if the number of iterations has not been capable of producing a single mean, rather, many relative means dispersed throughout the data may be more representative than a single absolute mean of all the data. 3. A) D(10) = 700 µm, D(50) = 1000 µm, D(90) = 1300 µm
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