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1. neonate : newborn infant 2. postpartum : literally “following birth”; typically refers to months or first years following the birth of the child 3. miscarriage : the loss (without purposeful intervention) of an embryo or fetus during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy; also called spontaneous abortion. 4. quickening : the first movement of the fetus that is felt by the mother 5. oocyte : an immature reproductive egg, or ovum 6. pro-life : the belief that voluntary abortion is akin to murder & that it should be illegal 7. breech birth : delivery of a fetus emerging with buttocks or legs first rather than head first 8. fetus : an embryo after eight weeks of pregnancy 9. birthing center : a hospital-like facility with basic medical care equipment, focusing on a natural, family-centered approach to the birth process in a home-like setting 10. seminiferous tubules: tightly wound microscopic tubes that comprise the testicles in the male, where sperm cells are generated 11. nurse-midwife: a registered nurse who has completed accredited midwifery program & has been certified by the state to deliver babies 12. postpartum psychosis: a severe postpartum psychological disorder that may include delusions, hallucinations, & extreme mental disorganization 13. blastocyst: the developing zygote, with cells surrounding a fluid-filled core, upon entering the uterus & before implanting in the uterine wall 14. APGAR score: a test that analyzes infant health at birth on the basis of skin color, pulse, reflexes, movement, & breathing 15. luteal phase: the later period of a woman’s monthly fertility cycle, when the lining of the uterus thickens in preparation for receiving a fertilized ovum if conception has occurred 16. medical abortion: a method of abortion using drugs rather than surgery to terminate a pregnancy 17. midwifery: the practice of trained midwives assisting women through normal pregnancy & childbirth 18. preterm birth: birth of an infant less than thirty-seven weeks after conception 19. pro-choice: the belief that a woman has the moral & legal right to choose freely to abort her pregnancy 20. vacuum aspiration: a method of abortion in which a small tube is inserted through the cervix to extract the contents of the uterus, including the endometrium lining & embedded embryo
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21. birth defect: a physical abnormality or metabolic dysfunction that is present at birth & may result in physical or mental deficits 22. menarche: the beginning of menstruation during puberty; first period 23. luteal phase: the later period of a women’s monthly fertility cycle where
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