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Syllabus Hydrogeologic Modeling: GLY-5826 Meeting time: T, Th 2:00-3:15 Meeting location: Owa Ehan 222 Course Level: Graduate 5826 Sections: 1 Course Catalogue Description Techniques used in modeling groundwater flow and solute transport in geologic systems. Case studies of significant aquifers. Prerequisites: GLY 5827, MAP 2302, or Permission of the instructor. (S, SS) Instructor: Dr. Michael Sukop Telephone: 305-348-3117 E-mail: [email protected] Department: Earth Sciences Office: AHC5-317 Lab: PC-326 Office/Lab Hours: T, Th, 3:30 to 5 pm, walk-in, and by appointment Objectives The objectives of this course are to provide introductions to the theory and implementation of hydrogeological modeling techniques. Students will develop fundamental skills and knowledge to enable them to construct basic models and effectively critique modeling efforts. Students will be able to derive and solve finite difference expressions for 2-dimensional ground water flow. Students will understand the significance of and be able to specify and implement constant head and no-flow boundary conditions and various initial conditions in simple models. Students will have a basic understanding of geostatistics and will know how to operate MODFLOW.
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