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GLY 1010 Introduction to Earth Science: Spring 2012 Dr Neptune Srimal: Office: AC1- 380A, Ph: 305-919-5969 MWF: 10 10:50 am. Office Hours: M-R 1pm 2 pm Web site: http:// www.fiu.edu/~srimal ; Email: [email protected] Course Description: This course provides a basic survey of geology and the solid earth sciences. Subjects covered include: formation of the solar system and the Earth, plate tectonics, formation and classification of minerals and rocks, geologic time, external and internal processes, earthquakes, volcanoes, surface and ground water, and geologic aspects of South Florida. Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes Students should leave this course with a solid overview of the geological sciences and their impact on such societal issues such as natural hazards and mineral and energy resources. This course with its Lab (GLY1010L) fulfills the Physical Science Core Curriculum requirement. Prerequisites: This is an introductory level science course and there are no college level prerequisites for this course. A basic high school level knowledge of chemistry and algebra is assumed and students deficient in those areas are advised to review those subjects. A concurrent lab course, GLY 1010L, is not required, but is strongly recommended in order to give "hands on" practice and experience. The course website contains all the PowerPoint lectures, quizzes on each chapter and old exams for practice. Be forewarned, that there is no guarantee that your exam questions will be set only from these quizzes or practice tests. Recommended textbook: Tarbuck and Lutgens: Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 9e.
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