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GLY-1101L: The History of Life Laboratory Spring Term 2017 Room: PC 448 Instructor: Mrs. Zoë Verlaak Email: [email protected] Office: PC 324C Class: Wednesday 12:30 pm 3:15 pm (section U04) Office hours are on Wednesday 10-11 am and Thursday 9:30-10:30 am, or by appointment. Please, if you need assistance do not hesitate to meet with your lab instructor. Go to the office hours or schedule an appointment by email, or in person during class. Lab objective Hands-on experience with fossils and other biological specimens to understand the interacting biological and geological principles and processes that shape life on Earth. Class readings READ THE LAB HANDOUTS BEFORE COMING TO CLASS! Lab Exercise handouts must be downloaded from the class website (see instructions below) and printed out before the beginning of each class. Labs not completed on the provided handouts will not be accepted and will lead to a reduction of your grade (-1 point the first time, -2 points the second time, -3 points the third time, etc.) . Website: see the link on the top of page 2 of the syllabus. Click on the tab “ s yllabi”, choose “ Fall 2016” and scroll down to section “lab classes” . To open the links to the lab handouts, use the username and password provided to you through email after the first class.
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