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1 | M o d e r n C r o p P r o d u c t i o n ( M C P ) AGR 4240: Modern Crop Production (MCP) Syllabus for Spring 2017 (3 credits) Instructor: Dr. Amir Khoddamzadeh AHC-5 391, Phone: 305-348-3083 Email: [email protected] Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and, Friday 1:00 - 1:50 pm Class Room: Graham Center (GC) – 273A Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00am-12:00pm, walk-in and by arrangement (preferably via e-mail ) COURSE DESCRIPTION Ø A foundation course in agronomy applying crop, soil, and environmental sciences in understanding agricultural systems in the world. Includes introductory concepts of plant, seed, soil, tillage, pest, environmental, and sustainable aspects of crop production. COURSE OBJECTIVES ü At the end of this course students should understand clearly the basics of various agronomic crops, how they relate to their environment, what are the principles of production, management of problems, and the utilization of crops. Emphasis will be placed on agronomic crops that are currently of economic significance in South Florida; and the new crops that hold promise for the future in Miami-Dade County. ü To use a systematic approach to discuss topics in current agronomic crop management practices emphasizing those that increase production, enhance efficiency, and maintain environmental integrity. ü To develop an understanding of how to obtain, evaluate, and use agronomic and other pertinent agricultural information.
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2 | M o d e r n C r o p P r o d u c t i o n ( M C P ) TEXTBOOK Principles of Field Crop Production 4 th Edition by Martin et al. 2006 (Required) ISBN-13: 978-0130259677 ISBN-10: 0130259675 COURSE REQUIREMNETS AND POLICIES Prior to coming to the theory discussion session, each student is required: ü On-time participation in all scheduled class activities is required. Absenteeism and/or nonparticipation not only preclude a student’s learning the material in this course, but also will likely affect his/her performance. ü Reading of the assigned chapters from the textbook and additional readings from Blackboard prior to class is expected.
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