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IMG_1194.PNG - 22 l:i Lead is dry dense metal Physical'0...

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Unformatted text preview: 22% l:i- Lead is dry dense metal Physical '0 Leaves turn colors in the fall Chemical '19 Why is ice melting physical? Made up of the same water particles '19 Electrolysis Chemical decomposition produced by passing an electro current through a I19 liquid on solution containing ions Chemical change Is electrolysis an example of a physical or chemical change? '19 Element A substance that cannot be decomposed into similar substances by ‘9 chemical or physical means Compound A substance with constant composition that can be broken down into I‘D elements by chemical process Mixtures keep own How is a mixture different than a Compound I‘D 53? properties compounds have different properties Homogenous What kind of mixture would be a solution be? 49 if? G 2. I .1 Q Latest Classes Folders Profile Settings ...
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