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Nicole Davis 1703436 S06 Social Psychology ASSIGNMENT 04: Informational and Normative Social Influence 07/25/2017 Part A : Recognizing Characteristics of Informational Social Influence In the scenario mentioned in the abstract, a woman named Emma checked into a hotel, and soon after, she is alerted to a pounding on her door. When she opened the door, a man in a uniform was standing there describing a dangerous and ambiguous situation happening downstairs and he directed her what to do next. When she returned to her room, her belongings were stolen. It is the opinion of this writer that she has fallen victim to informational situational influence. The outcome of this scenario is considered to be affected by informational situational influence due to the ambiguous situation, crisis situation, and the man in uniform who seemingly was an expert in an otherwise unfamiliar environment. As mentioned in the text, in a “truly ambiguous situation, people have become more likely to rely on the interpretation of others” (Aronson et. al, 2016, p.235). When one is unsure of the correct response, the appropriate behavior, or the right idea, one would be most open to influence from others (Aronson et. al, 2016). “Ambiguity is the most crucial variable for determining how much people use each other as a source of information” (Aronson et. al, 2016, p.235). Because Emma found herself in an ambiguous situation, she found herself looking for clues from others to follow. When an ambiguous situation arises, it’s often simultaneously with crisis. “In a crisis situation, we usually do not have time to stop and think about exactly which course of action we should take” (Aronson et. al, 2016, p.235). Because of the feeling to need to act immediately, Emma looked to others for what to do. As the text brings out, if a person feels scared and panicky, and are uncertain what to do, it
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