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Sabrina Mireles ENG-106 July 19, 2017 Professor Amy Sloan Organ Trade The idea of organ trading anywhere in the world is very much illegal, especially being that there has been a rise in the black market everywhere, with an issue of organ trafficking. Being that there are far more people on the waiting list to receive a transplant, rather than being organ donors, internationally, there is a need for those healthy bodies to give up their body parts. There are predicaments where organs are obtained illegally and are traded in for a transplantation. In 2013, Kendrick Johnson was pronounced dead after being found behind a school mat with his skull and body stuffed with newspaper (Illegal, 2010). This is when officials learned that there had been a need for the organs that were taken from Johnson’s body. Till this day, there are not any suspects that are able to be detained, simply because a proper autopsy could not be conducted right after his body was found, and because there was not any appropriate evidence or surveillance videos that could pin point to who may have been at fault for the death of the teenager. In this case, it was only a matter of intellectual judgement to know that the organs of this young man were taken purposely and used into a trading to transplant them into another individual that was in need of the body parts. This specific predicaments leads people to believe that this was a criminal act of organ trafficking and trading simply because of the category this situation may fall under, the boundaries of this category that this situation is put in, and because of the comparison of other cases similar to this one. There are numerous amounts 1
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of controversial opinions on this specific case, but there is not a doubt that this criminal act was not intentionally made without wanting to take the teenager’s vital organs. First of all, learning that there are people that need transplants, make this situation into an organization that allows individuals to constitute criminal acts against people that may have healthy organs in their body. In the pre-autopsy that was made in the body of Kenneth Johnson, there was an official confirmation that the organs that were taken from his body purposely and he was a victim that was forced to give up every organ from the skull, all the way down until they reached his pelvis. The death of this teenager was not accidental, and officials have confirmed
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