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Sabrina Mireles ENG-105 January 3, 2017 Professor Priscilla Bamba Rhetorical Analysis of a Public Document The CDC shares insight on how ADHD can effect and cause any difficulty in a person’s life. The CDC is the Center for Disease Control, and for them to inform the public about ADHD, it’s important because it is a disorder that affects people worldwide. It is an extreme help for them to provide a web page about ADHD to not only inform but to also educate the public to know what to be aware of when dealing with this specific disorder. The information that CDC provides not only informs their readers, but they are also able to enlighten them as to what to expecting when coming across an individual that has the symptoms or suffers from ADHD. CDC provides key factors of ADHD so that the public is able to know what the publication is intended for, who the targeted audience for this webpage may be, and what evaluation of the rhetorical effectiveness this publication has. CDC is trying to provide help to those that may suffer from this disorder. First of all, CDC is intended for informing readers on general data, information, the definition of the disorder, and unanswered questions about ADHD. The webpage makes the
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