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MA260C Lesson 8 Reading Assignments.docx - Lesson 8 Mean...

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Lesson 8: Mean Inferences and Hypothesis Testing This lesson will help the student understand t distributions, and hypothesis testing with two-way tables, and one-way ANOVAs. Learning Objectives Upon completion of Lesson 8, you should be able to: Describe t distribution in relation to population mean confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Interpret how two-way hypothesis testing is utilized. Interpret how one-way hypothesis testing is utilized. What To Do Next Reading Assignments Click on the Reading Assignments link above to access your textbook reading assignments and lecture notes. Assessment After you have completed the reading assignments for this lesson and feel comfortable with the material presented, go to the Exams & Quizzes tool on the left navigation panel and complete Online Exam 8 . This exam covers the material presented in Lesson 7 and Lesson 8. Also, go to the Assignments tool and complete Assignment 8 . Congratulations! Once you have completed these items, and have received a passing score on the assessment, you have completed this course! Reading Assignments Text Readings Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life , Chapter 10 Additional Readings DIRECTIONS: To access ProQuest articles, you MUST first open a Web browser window to the ProQuest Library; otherwise, you will be denied access to the articles when you click the links. Once your browser is open to ProQuest, simply click on the link for the article you need to read. For detailed instructions on how to access ProQuest, click here . For non-ProQuest articles, use the provided Internet link to access the Required Readings material. ProQuest Articles An Examination of Faculty Beliefs Concerning P&T Decisions Fortified Force Field Analysis in Data Mining of One-Way Repeated Measure ANOVA
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Lecture Notes “99 percent all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.” -Ron DeLegge II You have completed the first 7 lessons and will finish this course with this last lesson, Lesson 8- welcome! In the first 7 lessons you have recalled and applied your previous math and statistical knowledge about means, medians, and modes. You have also learned about how to identify a
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