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LSGI1D03_Assignment_Instructions(1) (1).pdf - Department of...

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1 Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics LSGI1D03 Living on a Dynamic Earth Assignment - Semester 1 2017-18 Task Submit a 2,500-word essay. The task has two key parts: 1. Read the text “ Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet ” and , in your own words, briefly explain the importance of each of the presented research questions. Do not merely summarise the information in the Summary chapter of the text. You need to demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between those 10 questions. 2. Choose (a part of) one of the questions and present an overview of the research that has occurred since 2008, the publication year of the text. You are asked to compare the difference between the research discussed in the book and the new research they’ve found and summarize the new developments since 2008. Weighting: 50% of subject assessment (10% by ELC, 40% by Subject Leader) Schedule DEADLINES DETAILS 1 Submission of first draft to ELC : 1 Oct (SUN) 23:59, Week 4 Submit the 1 st draft ( 700 words) to ELC via the LSGI1D03 English Writing and Reading Requirement Link on [email protected] Note: Make sure you submit to the EWR Bb link and NOT the main subject link. The 1 st draft will develop Part 1 Summary of the research questions and if space allows you can start developing Part 2. It should have the basic structure with major section headings and subheadings.
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