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Assignment-W1 Name : DOAA AL-harbi . University . No : 160000609 . Three different research papers will be given to students (from their area). Students are asked to write a critical review of literature as per the research papers given to them. Q1) Use your notes to conduct a critical review of literature in the selected papers. Article Review : wood,L(2014).Malware:war without End?.computerworld,48(2),17-19. Introduction : In the last two decades the business curve is growing up rapidly due to the internet revolution and the continuous development in technology . However , the business e- threats had , also , increased more and so faster ! There is no doubt that the internet security becomes a big obsession to all business stakeholders . Therefore , we have found Lamont wood in his article Malware : war without end , discussed some aspects – in general – about security and provided some statistic about cyber-attacks frequency with cost estimations of these attacks . Wood, also had quoted some advices – that he think – it is more helpful towards trusted and secured e-business activities .
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