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Unformatted text preview: Electrons 1? 0 Have a negative charge Orbit the nucleus of the atom There are different levels that electrons orbit around a nucleus Each level (energy level) holds a specific number of electrons Shells- when electrons occupy the levels Electrons are found in area called orbitals What reacts with chemicals . Rules of shells 0 First shell— can contain up to two 0 Second shell- can hold up to eight 0 Third shell- can hold up to eight . Electron distribution and chemical properties 0 Each electron shell has a limit as to the number of electrons it can hold 0 The outer shell is called the valence shell and its electrons are called valence electrons O Valence electrons dictate chemical behavior/chemical reactions 0 The goal of each electron the is to loose or acquire electrons to have a full outer shell (or none at all) 00 0000 ...
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