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ShaLamar Glover National American University Environmental Science Drilling for Oil in the Deep Water 1. Yes, I would not support the off-shore drilling, it effects lots of animals and the environment. When gas just a couple years ago was over 3 dollars and the cost of living in a lot of places went up, it is hard to be able to afford gas for most. 2. Yes, The coastal shores economic interests should be taken into consideration when deciding to drill offshore. 3. Yes, One would be to develop advanced vehicle technologies use energy in a more efficient way. Or by increasing the fuel economy of conventional passenger vehicles, it reduces petroleum consumption. It could raise the mpg to almost double of what we get now. Because of less petroleum used. www.fool.com Does Corn Ethanol Fuel Make Sense? 1. No, ethanol should not be provided as a fuel even though it is a renewable fuel. The cost to produce ethanol is higher than the cost of petroleum.
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