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Some comments on New Rules of Marketing&PR I was pretty interested in several lines came up to sight while reading the book-“While many organizations plan viral marketing campaigns to spread the word about their products or services, don't forget that something may go viral that you didn't start (like Mentos and Diet Coke), and it may show you or your products in either a positive or negative light. ” It recalled 1 me a truth that was revealed on a lecture I attended a couple of days ago. Many marketers forget to take into consideration that sometimes what we are saying on web will not go as the way we think they will be. In other words, when people set up a campaign with a very primary goal to involve more people to raise their brand’s awareness, they think that the campaign will actually post a positive image to the audience. However, things sometimes go virally and terribly. People in different background get into the discussion and analyze the messages you are trying to deliver to them. So during the exchange of information, there are a certain
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