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Sexual Predator Prosecution 1 Sexual Predator Prosecution Daverous G. Randle CRJ306: Criminal law & Procedure Courtney Severino September 19, 2016
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Sexual Predator Prosecution 2 Sexual Predator Prosecution When talking about Sexual Predator’s it can be a tough subject to talk about, a lot of arguing and debates have been going on in the states with certain cases of sexual assault and child porn with some people getting no time in jail or six months in jail for sexual assault cases which is way to little time if you ask anybody. I will cover North Carolina’s state law about Sexual Predators. “The label sexual predator is usually applied to offenders who target strangers, have multiple victims, or commit especially violent offenses. Offenders whose only victims are their own children or intimate partners, no matter how violent or damaging the offense, are not ordinarily called predators.” [Lie98] North Carolina state laws that will make you a sexual predator are the following First Degree Rape class B1 felony, Second Degree Rape a Class C felony, First Degree Sexual Offense Class B1 felony, Second Degree Sexual Offense Class C felony, Sexual Battery Class A1 misdemeanor, Sexual Servitude Class F felony,
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