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Informational Interview: Brian Lockhart, Global Aviation The significance of one’s management style is of great importance for the realization of the company’s goals at hand. Throughout my years, working in different industries, I have come to realize that each industry has certain types of management styles that work, while others fail regardless of their effectiveness in other sectors. As the Vice President and Director of Maintenance at Global Aviation, Brian Lockhart illustrated his style of leadership as one of trust and fairness, empowering his employees to apply their own initiative while maintaining a high level of quality and safety. The Empowerment style of leadership appears to be one of the more effective styles within aviation due to the level of confidence required in employees. Empowerment is a style in which managers lead employees by sharing power, responsibility and decision-making. This gives employees a sense of responsibility and accountability. If the leader is made to lead then, in return they will make
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