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EA-4045 copy.docx - AVS 237 April 24th 2016 Order Number...

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AVS 237 April 24 th , 2016 Order Number: EA-4045 Events September 26 th 1993: Raymond F. Grzybowski, holder of commercial pilot certificate number 137409068. Acted as pilot in command of a Piper PA 24-260, identification number N8992F, started the aircraft with intention to fly. There was one passenger, Anne K. Bittinger, who was instructed to remove the chock from the nose wheel while the engine continued to run. Anne was struck by the propeller and killed. October 1 st , 1993: FAA issues emergency order of revocation for the alleged violation of 91.13(a) of the Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR Part 91. November 3 rd , 1993 Raymond F. Grzybowski appeals to the NTSB, who then sided with the FAA December 14 th , 1993 Raymond F. Grzybowski appeals to the NTSB board. The appeal was denied for the reversal of the violation, but granted for a lesser sanction. A 60-day suspension was imposed. Regulations Broken: 14 CFR Part 91.13 Reasoning for the outcome:
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While there is agreement the Raymond was careless under the regulation that seeks
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