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1. Suppose you are the chief financial officer (CFO) responsible for the financial statements of Philip Morris. What ethical issue would you face as you consider what to report in your company's annual report about the cash payments? What is the ethical course of action for you to take in this situation? 2. What are some of the negative consequences to Philip Morris for not telling the truth? What are some of the negative consequences to Philip Morris for telling the truth? Ethical issues that I would face as I considered what to report in the company’s annual report about the cash payments include providing false and true information regarding why the payments were made. Or in better terms, omitting information. Omitting information is much different from lying and therefore to protect the future of the business the options are either provide all of the information as to how much and why cash payments were made for health related issues or do not provide the information at all to keep consumers. Both options are huge risk factors as far as the future of the
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