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Annakay Stoner Feeding the Horses Sept 10th 2017 The height of the cylinder:- 7ft 5 in The diameter of the cylinder:- 5ft Formula for the right cylinder:- V = π First step is to find the increased amount of feed the cylinder has. In other words we have to find the volume of the cylinder. The formula for the right cylinder was already provided. I first had to find the radius, in which the radius is the diameter. Therefore, r = The diameter is 5 so the radius would be:- r = 2.5 ft We must change the feet into height. 7 ft 5 in would be 7.417 ft. Therefore, the h = 7.417 ft We are able to find the volume because enough information was provided. V = π V = 145.552 The increased amount of feed that the cylinder can contain is 145.552 We have to convert that to cubic meters, then multiply that by the amount one foot is in meters. 1 ft = 0.3048 meters, therefore:- V = 145.552 x (0.3048m) / 1 r 2 h 1 2 d 2 5 2 2.5 2 7.417 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3 3 ft 3
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The cubic feet will then cancel so you have to multiply the 145.552 by 0.3048 cubic meters. V = 4.12157366 rounded o ff would be:- V = 4.122m Therefore, the maximum volume is 4.122 2. We now have to find how much feed is needed to purchase for the
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