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EA-4997 copy.docx - AVS 237 April 24th 2016 Order Number...

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AVS 237 April 24 th , 2016 Order Number: EA-4997 Events May 16 th, 2002: -4:45pm Northwest Airlines Supervisor, Dan Clipper, notified William King, that he was selected for a random drug test and to report to the Northwest Airlines collection site for testing as soon as possible. -4:50pm William reported to the collector, Manuel Ortiz, and made his first attempt to provide a urine specimen. -William notified Manuel that he was able to provide a urine sample. -Manuel informed William to drink water and that you had 3 hours to provide the urine sample. -William attempted to provide urine at 6:10pm, 6:45pm and 7:52pm. -William did not provide a urine sample on May 16 th , 2002. -The DER Tim Bishop, informed William that he will need to undergo a medical evaluation within 5 days to determine if there was a medical condition preventing him from providing a sample. -May 17 th , 2002 Daniel Lussenhop, M.D. examined William to asses his bladder shyness.
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-Dr. Lussenhop reported to Northwest Airlines Medical Review Officer David Zanik, M.D., the he was unable to determine a medical condition that would prevent
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