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1. Does recording the transaction in the general journal rather than the cash payments journal affect the amounts of cash and total expenses reported in the financial statements? 2. Why did White record these expenses in the general journal? 3. What is the ethical issue in this situation? What role does accounting play in this issue? When the trip expense is recorded in the general journal rather than the cash payments journal, it does not affect the total amounts posted to the account. All entries into the cash payments journal are updated daily. Therefore, even if White was to make the transaction unnoticeable it will have to be recorded as, Sales Promotion Expense (DR) and a Cash (CR). This allowed White to avoid the questions by her boss or therefore other co-workers. If the transaction was not recorded, it would be noticeable and questions would arise. This scenario is a typical ethical dilemma and this happens quite often in businesses, so therefore this scenario isn’t brand new. However, White did record the
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