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EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT SEMINAR SERIES, SPRING, 2017 Venue: PC 419 Time: Fridays from 3 to 4:15 Professor: Dr. Joel T. Heinen, AHC 5, Room 381, 305-348-3732, [email protected] Date Speaker Topic 13 Jan Introduction 20 Jan Dr Lizette Leon Rodriguez, EXXON Ocean acidification events associated with massive carbon injections during the early Paleogene : 27 Jan Joe Fiegel, MS, PhD Cand., UCF Orlando Jaguar conservation in Mesoamerica 3 Feb Jennifer Tristhammer, MS, Deering Estate Programs Deering Estate Director 10 Feb Dr. Hong Liu, FIU, E&E, Assoc. Prof. Identifying and quantifying threats to wild Chinese orchids 17 Feb Dr. Alyssa Dausman, Science director Science to support decision making Gulf Coast Ecosystem Rest. Council in the post Horizon gulf 24 Feb GRADUATE SYMPOSIUM NO SEMINAR 3 Mar Dr. Juliana Corrales, Hydrologist
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