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Aviation Museum Business Plan Executive summary. The Aviation industry has contributed immensely to the global infrastructure systems. Technological advancements have enabled experts to develop high-tech aviation systems that are used by many individuals to travel the world. Since there are so many different types of aircrafts that are available in the industry, there is a need for preservation for future generations. This plan gives a detailed outline of starting up an aviation museum as well as an overview of the operations. Industry Overview. The aviation sector has been in existent for a long time, ranging back to the 18th century when the aviation industry was just starting to develop. There are many aviation museums that are existence in modern society preserving our past. An aviation museum may also be referred to as air museum or aerospace museum is involved in the exhibition of the history and artifacts of aviation. The artifacts that are provided for the audience in these museums include actual parts of the airplanes or their replicas. Additionally, the exhibits may include photographs, maps, clothing and equipment or models of the aircrafts used by different aviators. Aviation museums may vary in size depending on the requirements of the owners and the available target audience. Many can handle from one or two aircrafts to hundreds of aircrafts in their museums. On the other hand, the museums may be regional, national or government owned. According to research, many museums concentrate on military or civil aviation history at a particular era. Some of the most sought after categories by many museums include the pioneer aviation or the golden age of aviation; this covers the periods of
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World War I and World War II.
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