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social structure , which we might also call the social environment social conditions , which are external forces that influence our actions and lives. Some of the scholars thought that the higher crime rates and general deviance were due to social sickness, or social pathology Social disorganization theory argues that crime is due to social conflict, social change, and a lack of consensus in the group. In other words, when a group is experiencing a lot of upheaval or social change for some reason, crime may increase. anomie or normlessness Conformity: In most cases, people continue to accept the goal and the means to achieve that goal. In other words, most people continue to go to school and get jobs. Innovation: In this case, individuals accept the societal goal but use new ways of reaching that goal. For example, individuals may turn to theft, fraud, selling drugs, or other illegal ways of getting rich. Ritualism: With this adaptation, people reject the goal, but continue to observe the means of reaching the goal. In other words, people may
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