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UNiT 4 LaB QUeSTiONS Steven Pinker on the Myth of Violence 1. What myth about violence is happening today? We are getting more and more violent 2. What does Pinker argue about violence? Pinker argues that we are actually getting less violent as time progressed 3. How do the homicide rates or deaths in warfare from the past compare to today? There are less homicides and deaths 4. Why do you think that people believe that society is more violent today? More ways to murder people and more technology to find people 5. Why do you think violence has declined? We have no need to fight for things and there is less deaths from starvation Rehab for Terrorist 1. Describe the “rehab” program that is being used with terrorists? They are sent to a place called the “resort” to start again, get new jobs and help them 2. How does this program differ from the types of punishment that are typically used for violent criminals?
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