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Unit 8 Lab Questions The Anthrax Files 1. What is anthrax? How was anthrax used in the crimes? Anthrax is deadly bacteria that travels hundreds of miles in only a few seconds. The anthrax was used in the form of power as a murder weapon. 2. When examining the anthrax, what did scientists find? When examining the anthrax scientists found a number of interesting discoveries. These discoveries include that it was more of a mist that was so light you could not weigh it. They also discovered that this type of anthrax was something new, it was a dry powder rather than a the wet anthrax they were used to dealing with. 3. The scientists were both helping with the investigation and suspects in the investigation. What issues might this create for a criminal investigation? This created tension because each of the scientists were questioned as well as questioned about other scientist they worked with 4. Who was Mr. Z? How did reporters and investigators react to their belief that he was mailer? What was found?
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