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Unit 1 Text Questions Review Questions 1. What is crime? Crime is an action that violates a law in any city or state. 2. What are the three different types of norms? The three different types of norms are folkways, mores, and laws. 3. What are the surveys used for in criminology? What type of information do they collect? The surveys in criminology are used to get opinions from people and that is used to get information on a victim. 4. What is actus reus? Actus reus is the actual act that the person is accused of. The actual reus is action that is a constituent element of a crime, the said person. 5. How are crime and deviance related? Do they represent the same actions? Crimes and deviance is related because a crime is an act of deviant behavior. I believe they represent the same actions because all crimes are deviance, however not deviance are crimes Critical Thinking Questions 1. Emile Durkheim argues that deviance is beneficial to society in a number of ways, such as showing us when our boundaries of acceptable behavior are and that it can bring a group together.
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