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Unit 5 Lab Questions Everyday Cybercrime 1. Why is cyber crime a problem today? Technology is growing so big and it is so easy to get away with cyber-crime these days.As the technology gets stronger, the criminals get smarter and it gets easier to hack 2. What are cyber criminals like today? They are trying to create software’s that are unhackable and unbreakable 3. What are some of the ways that a computer or business can be infected with a computer virus? 4. What are some of the ways that investigators are tracking down cyber criminals? The FBI has a special Cyber Investigations department , and they helped create the Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3. The IC3 provides the public with an easy-to-use reporting system that alerts the authorities of suspected criminal violations. Such as when computer hackers do their thing. 5. What information can be found in the WiFi information of someone’s phone? Their history, like what websites and things they browse.
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