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UNiT 3 LaB QUeSTiONS Online Cyber Crime 1. How much money was lost to internet thievery? Is this number accurate? More than half a million dollars was lost to internet thievery although this number may not be too accurate. This is the bank’s fault because they do not like to talk about how much was stolen because it shows lack of security and vulnerability. 2. How has computer hacking changed over the last several decades? Computer hacking has changed over the last several decades because the crooks have gotten smarter and more organized. The criminals use violent and malicious software that steals credit card information or personal information without the person knowing. 3. What do individuals and businesses do to protect themselves? Individuals and businesses can download and/or purchase antivirus programs like McAfee to protect themselves and their computers. 4. What environmental, social, or other factors might account for the rise in cybercrime?
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