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My “ideal” plan for the distant future is a bit foggy, but I do have some strong ideas about what I want to accomplish in the short term. I want to earn a degree that I am proud of and have the kind of accomplishments that will open up a lot of future opportunities. This includes employment with a reputable company and research work with a professor in my discipline. I would also like to pursue a student abroad experience to gain some perspective outside of my current “world.” I want to set myself up for a position that allows me to have upward mobility, where I am important to the decision making process of a company and its goals. A flexible working environment where I can work hard some months, and take time off when my family needs me for help or leisure is important. I want to have a career where I work with my hands, but mix it up with a thinking and research environment. I want to stay fresh with new technology by being a part of the design of new products. This is very important to me to keep my life interesting and exciting!
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