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ENG 399-Page 156.docx - Page 156 Rhonda Tomlin 1 There was...

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Page 156 Rhonda Tomlin 1. There was never a father figure mentioned in this story so I am assuming the mother was the head of the home. The hands represent the hard work she had to keep up with the home, and raising her son. It also speaks how she valued hard work and instilled it into Treacy. Many of her son’s memories of her are of her using her hands in work, and discipline. He remembered the things she taught him when he left home because of how she taught him the value of hard work. 2. Sight- “The common image is me standing at attention and She a drill sergeant inspecting my work.” Sound-“but with a sharp manner that hides the tenderness that I sometimes cry for” Smell- Taste- “forcing down home grown garden squash and awaiting her return” Touch--“sandy values scraping the back of my neck during a rough hug before bed” 3. Mother carried an aura around her of authority. Treacy knew what to expect, and he knew what he was going to have to do if he was disobedient. Mother worked all the time and took care of
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