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3/29/16 ABSURDIST THEATRE- stressed illogical, random, inexplicable events and characters 1945-1975 WWII ends Cold War (begins 1947) Korean War (1950-1953) Vietnam (1959-1975) Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) Existentialism Questions prompting existentialism o Is humanity rational? Existentialist beliefs o Existence is meaningless o God does not exist o Humanity is alone o Accept responsibility for your own deeds and actions Existentialist playwrights o Jean Paul Sarte (1905-1980) Nobel prize for literature (1964) but refused it works include: No Exit (1944) and The Files (1943) o Albert Camus (1913-1960) Cause and effect logic Recognizable characters Fully developed human beings Theatre of the ABSURD o Combination of existentialist philosophy and avant-grade dramatic form Absurdist Drama o Much of what happens in life cannot be explained logically Absurdist Dramatic Techniques o Plots do not follow the traditional dramatic structure ( o Gustav Freytag (German Dramatic Critic) Absurdist Drama Techniques o Non relist character o Stage/ unrecognizable settings o Normal settings with strange unrecognizable actions and interactions o Ex: the Fiona shaw, as Winnie The Nation Theatre’s Production o Language is sparse o Dialogue seems illogical Samuel Becket o 1906-1989, Ireland o Ridiculous aspects of life o Nobel prize 1969 o Works include Waiting for Godot (1949)
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Endgame (1957) Happy Days (1961) Play (1963) Not I (1972) o Characteristics of Becket’s Works Dullness of routine
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