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Michael Robledo Bus Adm 748 Hw 2 As mentioned by Schwalbe, the five process groups are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/control, and closing processes. Typical problems that may arise in a project team for a given process are as follows, along with how each of these issues relate to the “What Went Wrong” case in the book: Initiating process- The initiation process relies heavily on communication with everyone involved with the project to clearly define everyone’s role and how the rest of the project will be laid out. A common issue may be due to lack of communication or direction. What Went Wrong - Case seemed to insinuate that certain roles were not defined or relayed properly. Project manager did not take on the role, nor delegated the job of communicating with the stakeholders to ensure the project was on task. Planning process- Schwalbe emphasizes that the planning process may single-handedly be the most important and cost effective procedure to a given project. A typical problem that may occur is a lack of
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