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Desai 1 Shivam Desai Timothy Taylor Composition and Rhetoric April 13, 2017 Research Paper: Software Engineering When I was a kid in the spy movies there was always a geek who had the greatest abili- ties to do anything with a simple computer. These movies always inspired me to work with com- puters and gave me a guide to choose computer engineering as my profession. Machines are something that reduces human effort nowadays the most common machine that we encounter ev- eryday are computers which is based on electronic components. Computers come in all sorts of forms from a simple calculator to a self-driving car. The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. The computer was not like the computer that we see today. The first program- mable computer was The Colossus it was made by Tommy Flowers, and was first released in De - cember 1943. The Colossus was created for the British code breakers to read encrypted German messages. Since then the journey of computers started and made their way in to today’s word from HP’s 9100 the first desktop computer to Apple I one of the most revolutionary and game changing computer in the world. All these computers required some sort programmable software to work efficiently and do tasks. It is like giving a command to a robot to get you a soda from the refrigerator. That command is processed by the software or “the robot’s brain” and the outcome is the soda that the robot got you. Statistics shows that one of the most demanding and leading careers in today’s Technological Revolutions is Computer Engineering because it has great pay scale, and it has tons of advancement opportunities. There are two types of computer engineering which are hardware and software. Hardware engineers makes new computers and computer re-
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Desai 2 lated devices like microprocessors, computer chips, and other components. They also work on circuit boards, motherboards, scanners, printers, monitors, and hard disks, etc. These are all es- sential to run a computer properly. Hardware Engineers also make external accessories like mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, and much more. Since the hardware is useless without a
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